David H. Young

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1993-2000 Judge of the Miami-Dade County Court. Assigned to the Civil and Criminal Divisions. The Chief Judge assigned me to be an Acting Circuit Court Judge in the Juvenile Division (presiding over both Delinquency and Dependency cases). Also presided over trials brought by The Florida Bar Grievance Panels against attorneys accused of ethical misconduct.
2001-2007 Judge of the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit. I was assigned to the Criminal Division. I also presided over Bar Grievance trials and Appellate Panels.


2003-2007 Elected by Judges statewide to the Judicial Qualifications Commission. My responsibilities included investigating various Judges, interrogating those Judges who were brought up on charges before the Investigative Panel, sitting in judgment of Judge's in which the Investigative Panel found probable cause that they violated the Judicial Canons of Ethics, delivered private reprimands to those Judge's whose conduct did not rise to the level that warranted formal charges but was worrisome to the Commission. I also had a proactive role in speaking, educating and re-educating the new and veteran Judges to make sure that they were spared that dreaded letter from the Judicial Qualifications Commission.

1990 Chief of Staff for Miami-Dade Commissioner, Mary Collins. My duties included briefing the Commissioner on all Agenda Items, getting well versed in the County's Budgetary Process, becoming familiar with the Sunshine law (so that my Commissioner Collins and our Staff would not run afoul of it), lobbying other Commissioner's and their Staff's on Legislation proposed by my Commissioner, meeting with the other Commissioner's and their Staff's on their legislation, constant briefings with County Administrators and staff, working with the County Attorney's Office, making public appearance with and without Commissioner Collins throughout the County and most importantly making sure her office was running efficiently.

1984-1987 Assistant State Attorney. Prosecuted in the County Court, Juvenile Court and the Felony Division.
1988-1989 David H. Young, P.A. Handled Criminal Defense and Family Law cases.
1991-1992 David H. Young, P.A. Handled Criminal Defense and Family Cases. Legal Adviser to Commissioner Collins and the Congressional Campaign of Illeana Ros-Lehitenen.
2010 Biscayne Mediation. Mediated Circuit Civil and Family Cases (I am Certified in both).
2011 Of Counsel in the Firm, Young, Berman, Karpf and Gonzalez. Doing Mediations, Receivership's, Arbitration's, Neutral Umpiring, Family and Criminal Law.
2012 David H. Young, LLC. Doing Mediations, Receivership's, Arbitration's, Neutral Umpiring, Family and Criminal Law. Also Court appointed Special Master.

2007-2010 Guest panelist on the Jane Velez Show, Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, Neil Cavuto, Joy Boehm and Court TV.
2007-2009 Judge David Young Show. A Sony Pictures Entertainment produced show (Emmy nominated).
2009 The Judge David Young Radio Show, Sirius/XM